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I‘m Fuji from Japan. These past years, I’ve been studying about the history of Jesus and what he was really teaching about.

During the research, I’ve become more passionate about questions of peace, compassion, justice and sovereignty. I decided to explore and write about these things in a graphic novel. The title is The Reign of God.

This is my very first endeavor in graphic novels and comics. I’d be thrilled if you join me on this search for Jesus’ heart and life.

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The Book

The Reign of God graphic novel takes an unusual look at Jesus, the apostles, and other characters from the Bible and paints a thrilling picture of ancient Judea.

Expect a drama brimming with passion and characters wrestling with friendship and faith. This first book focuses on the relationship between Jesus and his mentor John the Baptist.

A German edition is already available. The English translation is coming out this November!

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A space to inquire about faith and future.
You will find a growing collection of articles on history, art and spirituality.

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