A Gospel Story


A Revolutionary Vision of Jesus and the Gospel


THE REIGN OF GOD is a bold graphic novel series
about the life, passion, and times of Jesus Christ,
as told by one of his first disciples.

What did Jesus’ message mean in an age of empire and violence?
Was he the Messiah who would liberate humanity?

This epic adventure story is for everyone searching for a deeper
understanding of Jesus and his teaching of “God’s Kingdom” on earth.

THE REIGN OF GOD (Book 1) is available as ebook and paperback on Amazon, Apple Books, and Comixology

To Find New Meaning in Jesus’ Message

It all started with a simple question:

What was the real message of Jesus all about?

Ever since I asked myself this it has become my passion to explore the origins of the Gospel and
tell the New Testament story in an exciting new way.

I hope that THE REIGN OF GOD will help you find new meaning in Jesus’ message and life.

Issey Fujishima is a Japanese-German artist based in Melbourne, Australia

Moving Story,
Beautiful Art

The story unfolds on 180 pages (6 chapters) of black-and-white ink drawings, a mixture of Western comics and Japanese manga.

Focus on

THE REIGN OF GOD shows major characters from the Bible as real, conflicted humans: Jesus, John the Baptist, and disciples like Andrew, Simon and Judas.


Who was Jesus before the Bible? Great care went into the correct historical and cultural depiction of 1st century Judea.


The book has been produced and self-published by Issey Fujishima over the course of 3 years.

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The Beginning of an Epic Story

27 AD

With his country under oppression, the mysterious prophet Yochanan (John the Baptist) calls the people of Israel to purify their hearts  and await a great renewal from God.

As Yochanan takes a stand against the corrupt priests of the Temple and scandal-ridden prince Herod, rumors spread that he could be the long-awaited Messiah…

Young Shimon, a thief haunted by a violent past, is drawn to his charisma and the promise of a new world. And he is touched by Yeshua (Jesus) from Galilee, one of Yochanan’s disciples.

But Yeshua and Yochanan disagree on what God’s will is: to simply wait until the Kingdom of Heaven arrives, or to go to Jerusalem and confront the authorities?

All of this is told by Shimon as an old man in 70 AD, when war is raging in Judea and Jerusalem is at the brink of destruction…

Sample pages

Praise for The Reign of God

“It is clear Fujishima has devoted plenty of research
into the early Christian church and strives for historical authenticity.”

Tim Lam, Crosslight (Uniting Church in Australia)

“[The] beautifully illustrated scenery places the reader
and all their senses solidly in the midst of a Middle Eastern world.”

Wendy Hu-Au, Inheritance Magazine

“[Fujishima is] using new perspectives, via evocative illustrations,
to challenge ideas about how the Bible has been presented to readers,
even while maintaining the central concepts that make the Bible so compelling.”

Abby Olcese, Sojourners Online