A sword to slay a king

A holy man who moves the masses

A prophecy that might shake an empire

The Story

From the burning streets of Jerusalem to the wilderness of the Jordan valley —
THE REIGN OF GOD takes readers to a dangerous ancient world
in which prophets, priests and kings strive for divine authority.


Before there was Scripture…

70 AD.
After four years of furious battle, the Roman army has conquered the Holy Land back from radical Judean separatists. Only Jerusalem with its great Temple of Yahweh stands as the last stronghold of the rebellion.

Caught in-between the sides, Yosef, a young priest who has defected to the Empire, is desperately trying to negotiate an end of the bloodshed.

At that moment, a stranger appears: Shimon, an old man from Galilee. He claims to be a disciple of “Lord Yeshua,” the crucified magician some call messiah.


…there was Memory

Yosef is riveted as Shimon tells the story of his youth. How 40 years prior, he met Yeshua and the enigmatic desert preacher called the “Immerser” at the Jordan river, and how he witnessed their clash with the mighty temple elites…
Does this story hold a key to saving the Holy Land from doom?

With its dense atmosphere and raw human spirt, this book goes to places other Bible comics won’t even touch and will keep you challenged to the last page.

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Flesh and Blood-Characters

THE REIGN OF GOD depicts Yeshua (Jesus of Nazareth) as a vivid man with many facets who is learning to grow into his role. The same goes for all other protagonists: apostles, priests, and Roman soldiers face their own hopes and struggles as they make history.

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Based on latest research

It’s very important to me to depict the ancient world of the New Testament in a believable way. Dozens of books and academic papers as well as conversations with theologians and historians accompanied the creative process.

I also visited Israel and hiked through the Palestinian countryside to get a feel for the places Jesus and the apostles saw.

All of this is to make sure I could develop an own plausible vision of Jesus’ life.

Some of my References