Book 2 is now available

I’m very pleased to announce that the second book in the Reign of God series is now available for purchase.

Last Saturday, I hosted a small book launch online and officially presented Book 2 for release. You can find it here on Amazon, Apple Books, and Ko-Fi.

Dense Content

The new book has about 114 pages in three chapters, plus a map of Galilee, an in-depth epilogue on what I think ‘the Kingdom of God’ is, and notes. It is a direct continuation of the first book.

New Characters, New Struggles

Book 2 introduces new characters: Simon and his wife Leah, Yaakob and Yochanan (or James and John, sons of Zebedee), and other folks from around the Sea of Galilee.

The characters from the first book are thrown into new situations following the arrest of Yochanan (John the Baptist).


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Watch the Launch Event Here

The launch event was quite fun! It turned out that I enjoyed the Q&A time at the end the most. It’s energizing to get real time comments and questions to react to.

But the first two parts are also good: I talked about the book, played video messages from friends, and then had a long conversation with a theologian friend which I found super-interesting.

Over 30 people watched during the event, and many more have clicked the video afterwards and shared it on Facebook. Thank you!

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