Book 2 is coming this April 3! (New Video)

I’ve been focusing on getting the next book ready for publication, keeping me from writing more on the blog. But now the main art work is completed and I will post more updates.

The important news for today:
The new launch date for The Reign of God Book 2 is Saturday, April 3!

There will be a virtual (online) book launch and from then the book should be available for download. Of course, I’m working hard on making the paperback edition available on that date as well. However, Covid-related restrictions may cause delay in international shipping for me to receive the proof copy in time. I’ll do my best to not let that happen.

Last year, I was resisting a virtual book launch and was trying to organize a book event in Melbourne. However, due to the pandemic, it is impossible for me to travel from Indonesia to Australia. And now that events in general are happening online, I feel less hesitant with doing that, too.

To kick off the promotion for the book I made a small video update here:

In addition to information on the publication date, I’m talking about my creative process and show off some panels from the book.

God, I still feel awkward talking to a camera. But—there will be more exiting videos following soon!

What do you think?