“The Reign of God” — arrived!

I am thrilled to release my new graphic novel “The Reign of God — A Gospel Story” (Book 1) today! It’s now on sale as beautiful paperback on Amazon and as ebook for iBooks and Kindle. This is 190 pages all about the ancient world of the New Testament and the Gospel heroes!


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The Story chose me

It feels unreal that a long journey is coming to a completion today. This comic book, the story it tells and the characters in it, all of these have been part of my life for the past six years. I’ve become so intimate with these characters that I can’t shake the feeling that they are actually alive somewhere, or that somehow the story is urging me from another dimension to be written down. Somewhere in my heart I feel that this is not my work at all but that the story chose me and would not give me peace unless it’s told.

This is a story of faith and a story of human passion, longing and failure. It is about how faith gives birth to violence and healing alike. It is about finding trust and making peace. It reflects how my own Christian faith has changed from blind fundamentalism to grace and freedom, and making the story itself has changed me further. Because I was searching for the heart and soul of Jesus, as honestly as I could, willing to throw away everything I knew and learn everything anew about him, about God’s Reign.

The Jesus I once knew has disappeared into a mirage: that one-dimensional Christ figure of children’s Bibles and dusty church decors. The Jesus who is roaming my heart now is very different. This Yeshua from Galilee is witty, wild and unpredictable. His feet are dirty and his skin is burnt brown from the scourging sun of Palestine. He is full of emotions and warmth, and his eyes pierce you with a divine light. Gosh, darn it—I’m in love with him, and this is my way of telling his story!


This is for you

I want to share this little light I found with you, whoever, wherever you are. Perhaps you’ve been a loyal churchgoer your whole life and you’ve figured it all out nicely. Or you’re the only kid in your town who feels that there must be more to Christianity than hating gays. Or maybe you know that religion’s all a fraud and we should bury this Jesus guy once and for all. No matter how you think, I invite you to rediscover the world of the New Testament with an open mind. Everything it talks about is about us today: family, justice, community, acceptance, revolution, corruption, human dignity, war and peace and love. This Yeshua from Galilee with his message of God’s Reign had something powerful in his heart that we desperately need today. It is worth finding out what it is.

Let’s start from here.

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Peace to Jerusalem.

1 thought on ““The Reign of God” — arrived!”

  1. Issey, I just discovered your articles on What Jesus wore, his body, and his face. I just ordered the issue (1 & 2) of your comic and look forward to reading it.
    To the point, I am a retired college prof and am writing a book about Jesus – yeah, I know there are hundreds. But I like putting things together (and it keeps me out of trouble).

    I am hoping you will allow me to include a couple of your drawings of Yeshua. They are interesting, after getting over the culture shock. No, just kidding, though he is a little darker than I expected. I am including a lot from your articles on Jesus’ appearance and of course, will give full credit, including a good plug about your comics. This is new ground for me – haven’t read a comic in years.

    Well, thanks for your time and thanks (in advance) for permission to a couple of your drawings.


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