Book 2 is now available

I’m very pleased to announce that the second book in the Reign of God series is now available for purchase. Last Saturday, I hosted a small book launch online and officially presented Book 2 for release. You can find it …

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This is the cover for Book 2!

I’m pleased to present the cover art for my upcoming book. It features some of the important protagonists and the two main settings. This time, I aimed for a more cinematic look and took inspiration from movie posters, hence the …

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Book 2 is coming this April 3! (New Video)

I’ve been focusing on getting the next book ready for publication, keeping me from writing more on the blog. But now the main art work is completed and I will post more updates.The important news for today: The new launch …

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Launching the official YouTube channel!

I’m making good progress on Book 2: Recently completed 100 pages of underdrawings and have started inking. That’s a good time to start getting the word out a bit more! So, for that I started a new official “Reign of …

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I’m part of Melbourne Writers Festival!

*Taking a deep breath* I will be promoting comic art at the 2019 Melbourne Writers Festival this September. Wow, this is really cool. The MWF is a huge annual literature event here in Melbourne, a UNESCO City of Literature. And …

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New Essay in Inheritance Magazine

There’s a new essay of mine in the latest issue of Inheritance Magazine (Issue #63 “Perspectives”). The topic is on prophecy. The invitation to write came at a time when I was thinking about this a lot. Here is the link …

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My Mini Comic in Anthology “Why Faith?”

Announcement: A small comic from me will be published in the US this April 16.  It will be part of an anthology book titled Why Faith? and thus one of thirty other small comics. This anthology project is the brainchild …

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Report from Indie Comic Con

Is it already a month ago? I totally forgot to write about Indie Comic Con in Melbourne that happened last month, December 8. I took part in this event as an artist, presenting and selling my book to nice Australian …

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My Book Trailer on YouTube!


I should have made this way earlier: a book trailer for THE REIGN OF GOD! Well, I finally found time to complete this short promo video, because Indie Comic Con in Melbourne is coming up this week, and I’ll be selling my work there. So I thought it would be nice to set up an iPad playing the video during the event.

Book trailers are a weird thing—how do you make a video out of a book creatively? Good that comics are visual, so I had the idea of creating blurs using real fire. You can see smoke and flames, which fit what’s happening in the book. It’s pretty serious, but it reflects the story. Enjoy and share!

Review in the Uniting Church newspaper

Nice surprise: THE REIGN OF GOD was reviewed and introduced in Crosslight, the newspaper of Australia’s Uniting Church. The small book review “Graphic Gospel” is also online. I have been attending Sophia’s Spring, a Uniting Church congregation that meets at …

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