This Is Where It All Began
A Gospel Story — Book 2
The epic Bible story continues

The Reign of God is a bold graphic novel series about the life, passion, and times of Jesus Christ.

What did Jesus’ message mean in an age of empire and violence? Was he the Messiah who would liberate humanity? This epic adventure story is for everyone searching for a deeper understanding of Jesus and his teaching of “God’s Kingdom” on earth.

The brand-new Book 2 takes readers to the Sea of Galilee where Jesus assembled his first disciples—and where the world witnessed his mysterious powers for the first time…

Book 2 is now out as paperback and ebook!

Book 1 is available on these marketplaces as well.

Discover the Jesus of History

The Reign of God is the only comic that explores the exciting life and teaching of the historical Jesus.

While staying respectful of the religious traditions, a great amount of care went into unbiased historical and cultural research to pursue the original message of Jesus: a world of justice and healing. 

Flesh-and-Blood Characters

Meet the characters of the Bible as unadorned, down-to-earth humans in a rugged first-century world, with their Aramaic and Greek names:

Yeshua (Jesus), Yochanan (John), Shimon (Simon), Andreas (Andrew)…

Their story of friendship, revolution, and redemption unravels as they make decisions that would change the course of history.

Immerse Yourself
in Ancient Galilee

A hundred pages of hand-drawn black-and-white images bring ancient Galilee to life.

A mixture of Western comics, Japanese manga, and neorealist cinema, the detailed art transports readers to the birthplace of Christianity.

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Who is behind
The Reign of God?

Issey Fujishima is a Japanese-German comic creator. He has been working on the Reign of God comic series since 2014.

Raised as a Christian, Issey has always searched for a deeper understanding of his faith. After living and working in a multi-religious international farming commune in Japan, he started exploring the historical origins of Christianity. His journey led him not only to Israel and Palestine but to realize that the Jesus of history is relevant beyond the walls of the church and his life worth retelling in an exciting visual way.

Issey has contributed to comics anthologies Why Faith? and Comic Sans and written for Inheritance Magazine. He now lives in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Supported by the
City of Melbourne Arts Grants