Review in Inheritance Magazine

THE REIGN OF GOD got another review! This time it’s on Inheritance Magazine online, by Wendy Hu-Au, associate pastor at Metro Hope Church in New York City:

The Reign of God — Review of a Graphic Novel Emphasizing Jesus’ Humanity.

This is the best and most thorough review so far, and I’m quite excited that it goes into the character dynamics and quirks of the book in this detail. It also has an important critique of how big a role female characters play in the book, or rather, not play. I’ve since tried to explain my choices in my latest article.

I wrote an article for the latest print issue of Inheritance Magazine (“To Every Place That Clouds Can Reach“) earlier. Another one is in planning. Inheritance gathers voices of Christian Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, celebrating diversity and compassionate action, so support!


What do you think?