Report from Indie Comic Con

Is it already a month ago? I totally forgot to write about Indie Comic Con in Melbourne that happened last month, December 8. I took part in this event as an artist, presenting and selling my book to nice Australian folks 🙂

Indie Comic Con celebrates independent Australian comic culture by bringing together local artists for a market day. This happened in the Northcote Town Hall Arts Centre. It was organized by Nathan Onias, who is a local creator himself.
This was the first time for me to join such an event as an exhibitor. I got half a table with another artist friend, Steve Edwards of Fallen Idols.
It was a great experience talking directly to visitors and explain what my comic is about. I made some modest sales of THE REIGN OF GOD and the postcards I made from the mosaic map design inside the book.


Friendly Creators

Not much time to leave my table to talk with other creators. But I could meet some friends who are part of the monthly Melbourne Comic Creators Meetup that has connected me well with some people: Tom Tung, Matt McGrillen, S.C.A.R.… Also Rachel Ang with her beautiful new book Swim Suit.
What I really appreciate about Australian creators is that they are friendly—none of the boastful or distant behavior I’ve sometimes felt in other places with artists. People here are supportive and diverse. Gives me lots of motivation to draw more in 2019.


A Video is here

Someone called Mama Jane has reported about the event on YouTube. I can be spotted in between the interviews at the beginning…


What do you think?