I’m part of Melbourne Writers Festival!

*Taking a deep breath* I will be promoting comic art at the 2019 Melbourne Writers Festival this September.

Wow, this is really cool. The MWF is a huge annual literature event here in Melbourne, a UNESCO City of Literature. And it’s thanks to my affiliation with Squishface Studio in Brunswick that I will take part in the Graphic Art Day, the (only) comic-related event, together with other studio members. And it’s freeeee!

We will be in the Wheeler Centre (next to the State Library) on Saturday, September 7, from 11am to 4pm for a whole day, drawing and chatting with anyone who likes to come by. Check here for details:

It’s not that we’re going to do speeches, rather we’ll serve as the background decoration during other artists’ discussion—among them is Shaun Tan (whom I’ve met in a small bookstore last year). So strange to see my name on the same page with his in the program, but it definitely feels like I’m making progress in my writing career.
Apart from Shaun Tan, artists Charlotte Allingham, Oslo Davis, Rachel And, Kale McHurst, and Mandy Ord will also talk about their art.

This year’s MWF theme is “When We Talk About Love.” The festival runs from August 30 to September 8. See the full program on the official website.

Squishface Studio Interview

In other news, Sabine Kwan, an intern at Squishface Studio—where you can often find me on weekdays—has made a neat little interview with me, resulting in a small article on Squishface’s website:

What do you think?