Articles in Soujourners and Inheritance magazine + Exhibition

Two articles about/from me were published in prestigious US media: the Sojourners website and Inheritance magazine. They came out last month, but I’m still excited about this!

Sojourners Article

The Sojourners article is titled “How Artists Are Using Comics to Tell Bible Stories” (by Abby Olstice). It talks about recent comics inspired by Christianity or biblical stories such as The Goddamned by Jason Aaron. I haven’t read Jeff Loveness’s Judas yet but found what he said especially interesting.
I’m really honored that THE REIGN OF GOD is mentioned in the same article, with a lot of what I had to say in the interview. Sojourners is a Christian magazine with an emphasis on justice, peace, and activism, a much-needed voice these days.

Inheritance Article

The second article was written by me and has appeared in Inheritance magazine, both in print and online: “To Every Place That Clouds Can Reach” talks about Christians’ empowerment through the Holy Spirit—that we are the ones who are entrusted with making God’s Kindom (a new word I learned) manifest on Earth.
Inheritance is a wonderful magazine from and for the Asian American community. I was asked for a contribution after I had contacted the editor with info about my own book. The theme for this issue #61 is “hope.” It was my first time to write for a real magazine (not just a church newsletter or so). A great experience! Beautiful and complex illustrations were provided by Montana-based artist Kimberley Wong.


Melbourne Exhibition

And lastly, I’m pleased to announce that my artwork is being displayed at the City Library in Melbourne this month! It’s not a real “exhibition,” the library has invited artists of Squishface Studio (an open cartoonist studio I’ve joined) to showcase their works in glass cabinets in the library. Lucky that I had brought some original drawings and books!
The City Library is in Flinders Lane. I was happy to find two shelves with Japanese literature there, so I’ll be going more often from now.

What do you think?