My Book Trailer on YouTube!


I should have made this way earlier: a book trailer for THE REIGN OF GOD! Well, I finally found time to complete this short promo video, because Indie Comic Con in Melbourne is coming up this week, and I’ll be selling my work there. So I thought it would be nice to set up an iPad playing the video during the event.

Book trailers are a weird thing—how do you make a video out of a book creatively? Good that comics are visual, so I had the idea of creating blurs using real fire. You can see smoke and flames, which fit what’s happening in the book. It’s pretty serious, but it reflects the story. Enjoy and share!

Review in Inheritance Magazine

THE REIGN OF GOD got another review! This time it’s on Inheritance Magazine online, by Wendy Hu-Au, associate pastor at Metro Hope Church in New York City: The Reign of God — Review of a Graphic Novel Emphasizing Jesus’ Humanity. …

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Where are the Women in The Reign of God?

I sometimes get this question from readers: “Why are there no female characters in your comic?” As the writer, I was acutely aware of the lack of strong women protagonists or even side characters in THE REIGN OF GOD. A …

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Imagining the Apostles: John, son of Zebedee

There is huge confusion about the identity of the New Testament person called “John.” Tradition and modern research attach contradicting identities to various Johns, which makes it hard to cut through the jumble and find the historical core of this …

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Review in the Uniting Church newspaper

Nice surprise: THE REIGN OF GOD was reviewed and introduced in Crosslight, the newspaper of Australia’s Uniting Church. The small book review “Graphic Gospel” is also online. I have been attending Sophia’s Spring, a Uniting Church congregation that meets at …

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I survived my first ever book event

But honestly, my small book talk & signing event at Tokyo Union Church yesterday was really fun! I already released “The Reign of God” last month but I wanted to have a public launch as soon as I had received …

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